H3-D3 isärplockad, tear down

I have had two major crashes with my Phantom. Both of these, i suspect, is a combination of faulty GPS information and my inexperience. The Phantom handles the crashes fairly well, although the H3-D3 gimbal is rather fragile. So i have had to tear it down trying to repair it. I decided to share the photos of this in case they can be of any help to other ”crashers” out there. I apologise for the bad focus. Its hard to hold the iPhone with one hand and make sure the gimbal lays still. And the iPhone isn’t really the best camera for extreme closeups.


Crashed Phantom
Crashed Phantom! The prop guards took the brunt of force.
Skruva isär H3D3
Remove the plastic cover and gently peel the ribbon cable to the side. Here you find a screw.
When you separate the camera holder from the motor pin. Be careful not to damage the twisted ribbon cable.
Motorn med pinnen på
This is the motor removed from the gimbal. The metal pin sometimes gets pressed in, or crocked after a crash. You need to make sure the pin isn’t stuck to the PCB.
Motorn i delar
This is the motor without the pin. After my crash this got crocked and I had to lift the pin from the PCB so it could rotate without touching it.
h3d3 motorn borttagen
Here is the motor and PCB mount on the gimbal.

Lite högre lite längre…

Testade att flyga lite längre bort. Men det blev inte som tänkt. FPV’n har inte samma räckvidd som quadcoptern har.

Jag har tagit bort de videos som är filmade från skyn tills det att myndigheterna är klara över vilka regler som gäller.

Klippt & klistrat i FCPX och musik hopblandad i Logic Pro X

Update: There is som confusion regarding the law in Sweden and taking pictures from a drone. So until it is settled what is legal. I have decided to remove videos and pictures from the sky.