Uppväxt med datorer som en naturlig del av tillvaron och har jobbat med IT sedan ATARI’s dagar. Mitt expertisområde är Media i alla dess former. Allt ifrån Tryckt media till rörligt med ljud. Jag har dessutom läst religionsvetenskap och teoretisk filosofi på Göteborgs Universitet i slutet av 90-talet, och har teologi som ett mycket stort intresse.
My web page is both a way to express myself in writing as well as in music and pictures. It is also my personal test platform for various types of media and IT related things. So the appearance and content may change from day to day without prior warning. Postings is mostly in Swedish!
All graphic creations that I post may be used for personal purposes, such as studying Greek. If you want to do something creative with my work please contact me. I do keep the right to prohibit use that violates my idea of ethics and moral.
If you have a commercial idea and want to use something from my side I’d like to know about it, and have a say in the matter.